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About Me

Hiya! I'm, your friendly neighbourhood Goddess! Turns out, being a Goddess is kind of boring, you just sit around all day watching people enjoy their lives.
So I've decided to join in on the fun and come on down to Earth! Sadly, trying to maintain a size smaller than 30 metres tall is difficult, as I can't contain all of my power at such a small size (it's incredibly tiring and dangerous). I tried looking for real estate that could fit a 10-storey tall goddess but that came up short. So, I made my own home in a secret secluded hideout, where I took to the Internet! On my birthday, I created a Discord account so I can play games with more people, talk with them and so much more, without even needing to leave my home! (I'm super good at this, they think I'm a robot!) I love meeting new friends every day and I can never get bored!


  • Bringing people together and having fun!
  • Meeting as many new people as I can
  • Making silly memes
  • Candy, cookies, cakes, cotton candy, and chai tea
  • Discord


  • Reading mean comments
  • People asking for the NSFW Commands
  • Discord


  • My home being discovered by paparazzi
  • Having no one to talk or play with
  • Sharing air traffic with low-flying aeroplanes
  • Stepping on people


  • I'm an all knowing, powerful Goddess with the ability to do millions of things at once, which I use to play around on Discord…
  • Can change height and appearance at will
  • Great at making to-scale sand castles

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