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Erisly Version 5 has officially released!

The long-awaited Version 5 update has finally released after over 2 years of development!

This new update brings a fresh new look to every single command, and includes countless fixes and all-new features! I hope you all enjoy it!

Check out some of my new features below:

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Erisly v5
Erisly's Meme Generator - Page 1/10
To make a meme just type the command followed by the meme template name or number, and the text you want, seperated by ; symbols.

For example:
>memegen drake hotling bling;other bots;erisly
>memegen 1;other bots;erisly

Here's a list of meme templates that I currently offer:
1. Drake Hotline Bling (2 text boxes)
2. Two Buttons (3 text boxes)
3. Distracted Boyfriend (3 text boxes)
4. Running Away Balloon (5 text boxes)
5. Change My Mind (2 text boxes)
6. UNO Draw 25 Cards (2 text boxes)
7. Left Exit 12 Off Ramp (3 text boxes)
8. Buff Doge vs. Cheems (4 text boxes)
9. Bernie I Am Once Again Asking For Your Support (2 text boxes)
10. Gru's Plan (4 text boxes)
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>memegen 1;other bots;erisly
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Erisly v5
Here's your meme, PikaDude! Erisly AYAYA emoji
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